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Click and Collect – E-commerce getting Clicky?

Has the evolution of e-commerce hit another milestone? In a much simpler time, buyer pays, seller delivers. Now buyer pays and then collects either from seller or third party.

Over the past year, many large retailers have emphasised / promoted the benefits of Click and Collect. Tesco to Maplin have all made the use of Click and collect.

In a positive light the buyer can receive (collect) the item in their own time after work rather than experiencing the infamous ‘yellow card’ from couriers failing to be present when at home to sign for parcels. Leaving the buyer disgruntled and the seller sometimes fined by the courier (UK Mail).

However to be rather cynical larger retailers only seek a greater competitve advantage by intergrating their physical and online resources by drawing in prospective customers into their stores to collect.

The newest and long awaited move by ebay.co.uk seems to have run smoothly too. Helping small and medium sized e-tailers deliver. A win win situation for ebayers, Argos and the seller. However most ebay shop owners questioned, suggest that the new scheme has not made a substantial difference to sales.  On the other hand none of the ebayers questioned would go back to delivery only otpion.

It also raises the question as to whether this can be replicated with international buyers.

A tough question for our product development too. Does the die cut handle bar on the larger White and Pink Mailing Bags make a difference. To the consumer, probably not however it does help the seller become more distinguished. Plans for 2015 may consider taking off the die cut handle and pushing prices down for thos particular sizes.

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